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PacaPod’s Green Roots We cannot claim to be a completely sustainable business, but we’re working as hard as we can to make improvements to reduce PacaPod’s carbon footprint. Here’s some of what we’re up to...

Green Packaging We’ve recently introduced new packaging used to send your lovely purchases to you. As well as looking pretty when it lands on your doorstep, our new poly bags are completely biodegradable. So 12-18 months after use, this eco-friendly packaging will simply begin to biodegrade harmlessly back into the earth. This helps significantly to reduce the amount of packaging that needs to go to landfill and in addition saves energy, as the biodegrading process does not require external energy.

Green nappies (metaphorically speaking) Did you know the average baby will get through around 4000 disposable nappies in their lifetime? With this in mind we made sure that the Changer Pod in each PacaPod bag has been designed to accommodate reusable cloth nappies – with 3 billion disposable nappies being thrown away each year and 90% of these ending up in landfills, we encourage you all to try out reusable nappies.

Green Waste We hate throwing things away and often prefer to embrace our inner hoarder, but when the time finally comes to (reluctantly) rid ourselves of piles of empty boxes, we make sure as little as possible ends up in the bin.

As well as recycling 100% of cardboard used in our office and warehouse, we make sure that no PacaPod changing bag in our possession ends its life in a landfill. Bags that still work are donated to charities to start afresh with a new owner, and bags that have sadly seen the end of their days are completely broken down component by component, before being recycled back into good use, with some elements sent to power stations to make fuel!

Green Office On a more personal level, we are each doing our little bit to reduce PacaPod’s carbon footprint; our Barnstaple office is easily accessible by bus and train, and those of us who can, have ditched our cars and started walking or cycling to work (despite the typical Devon wet weather). It’s also the perfect way to clear our heads and switch on our ‘work brains’ after dropping the kids at school.

Ok, so these may only be small changes, but remember that lots of small changes build up to eventually become one HUGE change. Although we’ve got quite a journey still ahead of us, we’re proud to have started down the path to becoming an entirely sustainable business.



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