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Most of the team at PacaPod are parents of small children, so we know how important it is to lead by example and always explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Our products are tested to some of the highest standards in the world - far beyond what is required by law - for one simple reason. Whether it’s the mat your baby’s bare skin is on when being changed or the food you put in its body, we know that nothing is more precious to you than your baby. The inner lining of our cool bag is tested to the same degree as a dummy that a baby would have in its mouth for months (and in some cases years!).

Like most bag companies, we do not make our own products, nor do we own the factories. We design, develop, test, re-design, re-test and market PacaPod bags. The ideas, the design, the late nights up getting it just right? That’s all us.

The production of fabrics and the cutting, sewing and manufacture of the bags? That’s done by the hand-picked companies with world-class technical expertise and equipment we work with, so we can deliver the finished product sat on your kitchen table.

We carry this principle through everything we do in the business, and have built strong relationships with the people we work with in those warehouses and factories. The people within these businesses are our partners because they share the same values and integrity.

We demand high quality, and the factories we do business with guarantee it. Despite high employee turnover elsewhere in the industry, our partners are able to retain employees because they pay them fairly and treat them with respect. We do business with some of the world’s best manufacturers, so we’re proud that our PacaPods are produced alongside some of the best-known premium brands in the world.

We are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint, so we never fly goods in (even if we are under pressure from our suppliers), instead choosing to ship them in by sea container.

So we are genuinely sorry if sometimes you might have to wait for your PacaPod, but you can rest assured that it has travelled in the least environmentally impactful mode of transport – across the ocean.



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